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Current trends and issues in nursing management- part 4



  • Status of nursing in society in the health care delivery system.
  • Renewal of nursing registration
  • Diploma Vs degree in nursing for registration to practice nursing
  • Nursing care standards
  • Values reflected in our nursing performances.
  • Attitude, human approach.
  • Higher education for senior positions in nursing
  • Nurse patient ratio
  • Different levels of nurses that we need in our country.
  • Quality in nursing v/s education and practice.
  • Define and delineation of nursing functions at the different level.
  • Non availability of health care programme of nurses.
  • Non involvement of nurses in nursing matters.
  • Poor pay structures.
  • Many hospitals in India had no nurses at all.
  • Lack of security and safety.
  • Less promotional opportunities
  • Harassment by other personnels
  • Inadequate supplies
  • INC has put forward the purposal to review nurse’s cadre to the health ministry.
  • There are number of ethical issues related to nursing practice. By very nature of ethical dilemma,there can never be one correct solution. Still there are number of ethical issues that nurses are facing today for eg. Don`t resuscitate orders, Starting and withdrawing life support system, need to disclosure HIV positive status to his wife against his wishes.



  • Nursing Training schools multiplied.
  • Lack of independent building for schools and colleges
  • Lack of independent principal for schools and colleges
  • Inadequate hostel facilities for students
  • Shortage of qualified teachers in nursing
  • Inadequate library facilities
  • No UGC pay scales for college teachers in nursing
  • Very less or no stipend for nursing students
  • Less supply of A.V. aids
  • Less promotional opportunities for teachers of both schools and colleges
  • Insufficient efforts to prepare nurses for the job they are accepted to perform in their work field in terms of appropriate skills, knowledge and right attitude and the desired behaviour patterns reflecting the values for caring.



Nursing as a profession has flourished from the time of Florance nightingale till present day nursing. At some levels in nursing, the question of professionalism takes on immense significance. However, to the busy staff nurse- who is trying to allocate client assignment for a shift , distribute the medications at 9am to 24 clients ;and supervises ward aide, nursing students-the issue may not seem very significant at all. There are number of issues related to the nursing administration few of them are as follows:

  • One of the concerns that plagued nurses and nursing almost from its development as a separate health care speciality is the relatively large amount of personal responsibility shouldered by nurses combined with a relatively small amount of control over their practice.
  • Non involvement of nursing administrators in planning and decision making in hospital administration
  • Lack of knowledge in management among nursing administrators
  • Interference of non nursing personnel in nursing administration
  • No written nursing policies or manuals
  • No proper job description for various nursing cadres.
  • No organized staff development programs for nurses like orientation, in-service education, continuing education etc.
  • No special incentives
  • Inefficiency of nursing councils of state and union to maintain standards in nursing


Conclusion: It has been rightly said “The Decisions that you make and the actions that you take upon the earth are the means by which you evolve.” By demonstrating their knowledge in nursing practice , education and administration nurses can demonstrate their expert power. This knowledge may increase the amount of respect that they are given by physicians and the society as such along with personal professional satisfaction.

“Today’s issues are tomorrow’s trends”